Grief Listening & Bereavement Support

I have trained over many years, & had extensive experience in deep listening and holding sacred space for people to explore their grief and sorrow. This is absolutely NOT counselling, this is Grief Listening and Bereavement Support, aimed at simply ‘being with’ your grief, with no aim to ‘fix it’ or ‘get over it’, phrases like this can be incredibly damaging and can lead us to push down our grief, instead of exploring and expressing it. I offer a safe space in which to gently, and at your own pace, begin to express your grief and how it is affecting your life, and that of loved ones around you.

I work with grief that has arisen due to bereavement, as well as grief stemming from other reasons, such as transitions in life, endings in relationships, fractured family dynamics.

I specialise in several aspects of grief-work:

* supporting families through baby-loss, at any stage of pregnancy, birth and beyond

* supporting people facing end of life, as well as supporting their loved ones too (if so desired)

* grief of being un-mothered or un-fathered, not receiving the parenting we wished for

* grief at endings of relationships

 I consider myself to be a ‘Grief-Worker’, and as a griever myself I know this to be a life-long path. I would be honoured to walk alongside you for a while, and to create a safe and gentle container for you to express some of the grief you are holding.

Grief Listening and Support Sessions usually last an hour, and can be either ‘in-person’ in my garden treatment cabin, via ‘phone call, or online via Zoom call. Be sure to allow some time after your support session to rest and allow for decompression and integration, don’t rush off into everyday busy-ness, allow your thoughts and emotions some time & space to settle. Be sure to drink plenty of water too, and perhaps have something gentle planned that you can look forward to later that day.


I am a Trustee and Therapist for local baby-loss charity ‘Towards Tomorrow Together’, if you have experienced baby-loss and would like support from the charity please see our website