Gentle Release Therapy

I have recently trained in a wonderful therapy called ‘Gentle Release Therapy’, this system is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and encourages the body to gently release energy that is held and not currently able to be in flow. By the very gentle placing of hands on the body we are able to encourage that beautiful release and to support the body, mind and emotions to be more at ease. Like lifting the lid off a pressure cooker, we can release tension and long-held patterns. As the name suggests, this therapy is extremely gentle to receive, and yet is incredibly powerful in it’s capacity to allow energy to shift. I have been honoured to learn this therapy from it’s founder Helen Robinson, I am just completing my case studies, so watch this space for further updates and to launch this as a new service.

“This gentle yet powerful therapy involves a variety of energy techniques applied with the lightest touch, working in synergy to allow physical and emotional blocks to melt away. Life inevitably includes physical and emotional trauma in different and sometimes complex patterns. These experiences create energy blocks in the body, held in a web unique to each individual. Gentle Release as an intuitive therapy delivers a bespoke treatment at every session allowing the body to take the lead and let go of the patterns and stories it’s been holding onto, sometimes for a lifetime.” Helen Robinson, founder of Gentle Release Therapy.

To receive a Gentle Release Therapy treatment with me, you can either book an in-person session, or a remote/distance session. I am more than happy to discuss this in advance of your session to decide which would be your preference. For both types of session you would be fully clothed, snuggled down in blankets and cushions in whatever position feels most comfortable to you. For a distance/remote session you stay in your own home snuggled up (in pj’s if you wish!) and we conduct the session via ‘phone. I know this is a stretch for some people’s minds, but quantum physics teaches us that there are no boundaries of time and space to energy, only to what we can conceive of it. I have personally found distance/remote treatments to be incredibly effective, both to give and to receive, so please do ask if you have any curiosity around this.

Sessions usually last an hour, and an online consultation form will need to be completed in advance. Be sure to allow time after your treatment to rest and allow for integration, don’t rush off into everyday busyness, allow your energies some time & space to settle. Be sure to drink plenty of water too!

If you are interested in learning this incredible therapy for yourself, here is a link and discount code for a Gentle Release Therapy Self Care course online

and here is a link and discount code for a Gentle Release Therapy Self Care and Body Beautiful bundle online

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